Collecting cigar box labels is fun and challenging. But it lacks somehow a good classification. Although not perfect, I followed this principle:

Each cigar box label belongs to a set of four: two large rectangular [A and B], one small almost square [C] and another smaller one (rectangular, oval or other) [D]

I present on this website the labels I own, but as those cigar box labels are rarely sold as a set of four, I use the maps:

  • 1ABCD (i.e. complete)
  • 2ABCX (i.e. the smallest missing)
  • 3ACDX (i.e. one large rectangular missing)
  • 4ABCD (i.e. both the large or both the small missing)
  • 5ACXX (i.e. one large and the almost square present)
  • 6ADNR (i.e. one large and a smaller non-rectangular present)
  • 7ADYR (i.e. one large and a smaller rectangular present)
  • 8AORB (i.e. one large present)
  • 9CORD (i.e. one almost square or a smaller one present)

A @ behind the filename means that this label is missing in my collection.

It is possible to search on this site by name, printer (GK, HS, and so on) and number. When searching by number also the filenames are included.

For more information, please send me a message at My name is Guy Brys, living in Belgium near Mechelen. I’m also very interested in other collections, so feel free to contact me in case you would like to cooperate or to sell things.

(In dutch language) Sigarenbandjes is niet m’n hoofdverzameling (kistetiketten wel), maar je mag me ook altijd contacteren als je een verzameling van de hand wil doen. Op hetzelfde mailadres: Alvast bedankt om deze site te bezoeken.

Last update: 13 Sep 2023.