Collecting cigar box labels is fun and challenging. But it lacks somehow a good classification. Although not perfect, I followed this principle:

Each cigar box label belongs to a set of four: two large rectangular [A and B], one small almost square [C] and another smaller one (rectangular, oval or other) [D]

I present on this website the labels I own, but as those cigar box labels are rarely sold as a set of four, I use the maps:

  • 1ABCD (i.e. complete)
  • 2ABCX (i.e. the smallest missing)
  • 3ACDX (i.e. one large rectangular missing)
  • 4ABCD (i.e. both the large or both the small missing)
  • 5ACXX (i.e. one large and the almost square present)
  • 6ADNR (i.e. one large and a smaller non-rectangular present)
  • 7ADYR (i.e. one large and a smaller rectangular present)
  • 8AORB (i.e. one large present)
  • 9CORD (i.e. one almost square or a smaller one present)

A @ behind the filename means that this label is missing in my collection.

For more information, please send me a message at [email protected]